dmr_C embedded C parser and compiler

Ravi includes dmr_C, an embedded C parser and compiler. The C compiler supports LLVM and Eclipse OMR backends. The following api is under development, but is not yet fully functional, and is subject to change.

Parses the input and returns a table of symbols found.
Compiles the input source.


An example use of the C parser is ravi-tests/dmrc_getsymbols.lua. For an example of invoking the C compiler with LLVM backend see ravi-tests/dmrc_testllvm.lua.

Outstanding issues

  • The Eclipse OMR backend cannot automatically access C functions externally defined; these have to be pre-registered. A solution might be to expose the resolution of symbols from dynamic libraries.
  • We need to validate that the compiled C function is callable from Lua. This is not as easy to do with Eclipse OMR backend as with the LLVM backend.